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The Facebook CEO announced on October 28 that Facebook will now be called Meta, and will play a key role in the development of a metaverse. The newly-minted Meta describes the metaverse as “the place where play and connection will happen in 3D.”

Our goal in this blog is to explain what metaverse means and whether you can create your own – a social network, a game, or other application – based on it.

What is Metaverse?

Neil Stevenson used the term “metaverse” in his novel Snow Crash from 1992. The American author described a world where real people escaped the dark reality of the future into colorful virtual worlds. According to the author, Metaverse is a version of the Internet for virtual reality, in which people move as avatars, which are 3D images that can interact with space, objects, AI avatars and other real people using their avatars.

The metaverse is viewed differently by people of different perspectives. Some people view it as another VR update that will make using VR headsets in games a better experience. The rest of the world believes it is part of Web 3.0 – an improved version of the internet that will enable VR and AR to be used in real life.

We could combine the opinions of Zuckerberg and other famous people who developed this concept to say: Essentially, it is a set of immersive virtual spaces where people can be present, create, explore and interact with others and objects in the same virtual and/or mixed reality atmosphere and perhaps also experience the process of interaction.

The worlds will be able to offer a wide variety of activities, including spending time with friends, working, playing, studying, shopping and creating. Your avatar will be able to freely move from one area to another, from one game to another, from the Facebook Metaverse to the Microsoft, Google or Fortnite Metaverses. As if it simply moved from one room to another, the avatar will retain its appearance, clothing, contacts, and other properties.

Metaverse retains the appearance of an avatar and clothing when moving from one virtual space to another, from one platform to another. Source

How the metaverse works in practice?

The user will interact with the metaverse similarly to how we interact with the Internet now, but instead of phones, computers, and browsers, we will wear virtual reality helmets or augmented reality glasses and use them to surf the Internet, chat in Zoom, play Fortnite, or study on Coursera. In the meantime, you will transition between all these sites via your virtual start room (like the one found in most multiplayer video games, in Fortnite for instance).

One may note that you already have such “rooms” – a phone screen with apps, or a Facebook page that offers “doors to virtual worlds” where you can watch TV shows, chat with friends and many more things to do. The only difference is that, in the case of the metaverse, all of this will not take place on your smartphone, tablet or computer, but rather on glasses of virtual, augmented or mixed reality.

As an example, Horizon Workrooms from Facebook is a VR platform for remote work designed for virtual meetings with colleagues as avatars. Or the old Second Life – a real-life online simulator with many different possibilities.

Additionally, we should mention the Decentraland crypto project – a metaverse built with blockchain technology. The world of Decentraland is a cross between Second Life and Roblox where users can create and play games created by others, as well as create and wear clothing, build and decorate houses, and arrange conferences.

How to create your own metaverse?

Research about your thoughts

The development of the metaverse and related applications begins with an idea. The idea does not need to be groundbreaking or VR/AR related. It is enough if your idea benefits the target audience in some way or enhances a component of the metaverse. For example, Freelance platform with an emphasis on creating clothing for avatars.

research about thoughts

Identify a developer company

you need to find a development company like Idea to Implementation Infotech and other reputed companies that will take over the technical part of the implementation of your idea. Basically, you should start building your metaverse by analyzing the market, your competitors, and your intended audience. That will help you understand in advance the prospects of your idea and determine the best means to implement it.

Identify a developer company

Designing UX/UI prototypes

The process of creating a metaverse’s information architecture, user flows, and user interfaces takes place during this stage. UX / UI designers are responsible for this.

Designing UX/UI prototypes

Coding the Metaverse application

Coders begin creating your Metaverse application. They develop the front-end and back-end components, and integrate external services such as payment gateways or liquidity pools. Code is usually written back-to-back over a period of several months depending on its complexity.

Some technologies name with the help of them you can create your application.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Blockchain
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Web 3.0
  • Mixed Reality
Coding the Metaverse application

Tests of the developed product

A quality assurance specialist does this. QA checkers ensure the product is free of bugs, functional, usable, loadable, and meets specifications. This takes up one-fifth percent of the total development time.

Tests of the developed product

Deployment and release

If the application is a mobile one, it will need to be submitted to an app store, like the App Store or Google Play Store, as soon as it is built.

Deployment and release

Product support

After the app is launch to respective stores, the process does not end. Furthermore, it is necessary to organize a support service that helps users solve problems with your application and collects their feedback.

Product support


In conclusion, If you want to be part of the Internet of the future, you need to take advantage of Metaverse.


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